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Baking with Silvia


I'm self-taught and I wanted to learn to bake. On the way to baking, I learned that baking is an art and we need a lot of patience when baking.


I also want to share with you my experience and what I have learned. There are many different recipes on the Internet and not everyone is reliable. If you want to know which ones I tried, stay with me.



First I studied how to make / bake the best sponge cake. Since my New Year's commitment in the new year 2020 was to learn how to bake / decorate and bake a barbie cake, I had to find out which is the best five-point recipe. I studied it all and you can find everything I learned in my blog below.


Did you know that the sponge cake was mentioned in an English book from 1700?

Stay with me if you want to know if I can bake that barbie until the end of the year.

Will it be a success or failure?

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The latest recipes

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