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My story... Silvia Z.

I have been living in London for many years. Added to that, my husband is from Morocco. Over time, I learned their specialties. We also like to go to international restaurants, where we enjoy many different dishes that I also learned and would like to share with you. My biggest fans are my sons, who also love cooking and baking and are happy to join in my video recipes.

I hope you enjoy my recipes.

Image by Fedor
Seared King Prawn

Foreign recipes are full of new flavors. Some are too different and will take a few tastings while you like them. Some ingredients like shrimp may seem too much to you. I have to admit that it took me 7 years in England before I decided to try them. But I promise that if you try them, you won't stop eating them anymore.

I have to admit that I wasn't easier with fruit either. They decided on me for a few months. I don't know what I was afraid of. Now I'm just going to smile at that. That's why I decided to make all these recipes and pages in Slovak so that I could bring a little of it from the world to you on a plate and share my experiences with you.

I have prepared my first video recipes for many years in the back without any filming, editing experience. These were my first video recipes.

I also learned a few new things over time.


I wish you an interesting reading.

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